To Our Valued Customers:

Here at Community Q we try to serve you the best bbq possible. Please understand some of the difficulties that creates:

  1. We cook fresh every day!
  2. That means we have to guess how much we will need. Some days we under guess and some days we over guess. Some days are just right.
  3. We only use leftovers in stew and baked beans! What we can’t use goes to the food bank.

Please understand that we will run out of meat occasionally. 

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding! 

Please consider ordering the day before…that will guarantee we will fulfill your wishes. Same day is subject to availability.

Stuart, Dave and Jim



1361 Clairmont Rd. 
Decatur, GA 30033


Fri & Sat

Call us at 404-633-2080
or email us at



Let us help you plan your next party!

Community Q offers two different ways to order for large groups: a catering package or a la carte pricing.

Option 1: Catering Package

Our catering package is for groups of 20 or more. The package includes your choice of two meats, two sides, buns, BBQ sauce, and disposable serving utensils for $9 per person. Ribs, one meat (3 bones and a 1/4 pound of meat), and two sides for $12 per person. Items are packaged in bulk for buffet style serving.

Option 2: A La Carte

GF = Gluten Free | V = Vegetarian

Other Offerings:

  • Disposable Chaffing Dishes: $10 each; includes wire stand, full insert, and sternos

  • Paper Goods: +$0.50 per person; plates, forks, spoons, napkins, dessert cups, drink cups

  • Gallon Drinks: Sweet/Unsweet tea $4, Lemonade $8

  • Bags of Ice: $3 each

You may pick up from the restaurant at no charge. Deliveries made within 15 miles and minimum $400. Setup $40. Delivery subject to availability. Full service options available starting at $17 per person. Full service price subject to change based on event needs.


Call 404-633-2080 or email to place your order

All catering orders must be place 48 hours in advance. Prices subject to change.